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High Speed Internet Where you need it.

Lightnet provide fast, reliable, affordable Internet Access to thousands of people living in the West of Ireland.

No Data Caps. No phone line required and only 6 month's minimum contract. Enjoy Netflix, Skype and more.

Refer A Friend

Refer a friend and receive a MONTHS FREE BROADBAND once they get connected - simple.


The installation cost is now only €100. Please contact us for details on special offers on free installation.

6 Month Contract

Our minimum contract period is only 6 months. No long term commitments required.

Our Always on Fixed Wireless Service avoids the high contention ratios of mobile broadband and the high latency of satellite broadband.

The only requirement to connect you to our high-speed network is line of sight from your home, farm or business to one of our Access Points which are located at strategic high site locations (eg on RTE transmitter masts) throughout our coverage area.

Our High Speed Broadband connection allows you to surf the web, watch online movies, listen to streaming music and radio, download large files, movies, shop (or even work) online, with almost instantaneous connections and no delays.

If you’ve only been using dial-up speeds of no more than 55kbps, or ISDN (so called high-speed) of 128/256kbps, our 2mb (or faster) Broadband Service will entirely change your browsing experience – with speeds 40 times faster than dial-up!

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